GAMING QUESTION: Does Roblox contain Malware or "Malicious Software?" Does it contain any Viruses?

Hello! I am wondeirng if roblox contains Malware or Viruses? I have been playing this game for well over a year now, and I'm wondering if it causes any problems with your computer?


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  • EW roblox and no
    Just use AVG and malwarebytes, don't click on any links that you don't trust and you should be good to go

    • Also don't download from untreated sites, there is a way to do that but if you don't know how to do it then it's a big risk

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    • Just general issues, that are somewhat small, but still bothersome. One interesting issue I would like to point out is the lack of group organization. Once a group gets to a higher level, I've noticed the organization lacks. Also, For example, "Trolls" are annoying as well. I can't seem to play an Obby without immensely crashing because spammers, etc. It's the small things that are very aggravating. The rudeness on certain servers is shocking as well, which is a definite turn off. :)

    • that's what you get on a free game.


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  • It shouldn't, presuming you've been using the program for over a year...


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  • If you haven't experienced any in a year then it's safe to say you're fine