Is there a self esteem lower than none?

Just wondering, I feel like I'm at that point. Everyone treats me like trash and I have no friends. The girl I loved and called my best friend threw me away without a reason for another guy and said she never wants to see me again. Now I spend my days alone and do absolutely nothing...


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  • No. You can't be minus 3 self esteem. You either have some or none.

    You should go for counselling. Everyone is worth something and should love themselves, someone needs to make you see it. You're thinking this way due to a negative thought cycle which will lead you into depression so I suggest you talk it out before it gets out of hand.


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  • Yeah it's possible when you actually care about what those jk-friends think about you.

    But well, we gotta live you know? In my case I've been depressed for an entire year, and the only thing that's keeping me alive is my family.
    "Live for the sake of the ones who truly love you" such cliché words, right? But well, I really understood their meaning not too long ago.

    Hope the best for you.

  • In time it will come back to you