Why do girls don't want to dance?

Here people in my country are very closed. Almost every time I approach girl for dance her answer be like oh I can't dance, but they are willing to dance if they are drunk.

I mean like what the hell isn't dancing cool? I find it amazing to dance with girl (no I don't dance well but I like to haha)

+ I want to learn Salsa, I think it's really beautiful.


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  • well i like to.. but only when i m alone.. i dont want to look like a fool in front of everyone... i dont want anyone else to make fun of me..

    • why, why? :D I like to dance even if people smile at me, I don't care. I just have fun and it's cool, many people are making "fool" because they don't have balls to dance.

      "i dont want anyone else to make fun of me.." <-- why?

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    • yes just do it! Damn people nowadays don't even know how to relax.

      Stop caring what other people think about you, fuck them. They are just pussies who want to do dance to but they are actually to shy to dance.

    • ok i will.. D


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  • Where are you from? From personal experience with me being "THAT kid" in the home videos that is off beat and just ridiculous, I'm a little scared. Especially if I find a guy attractive. If I'm approached I would LOVE to dance and have fun, but I don't want to make a fool of myself. The guy would have laugh and be easy going to pull me onto the dance floor. After he does that I'll dance. It's like a trust for me. Once I see all you want is to have fun, and you don't care about the actual dancing, I'm all for dancing. It also depends on what kind of dance your asking for.

  • What country are you from? Somewhere western I assume?
    I'd love to lean something like salsa, none of my friends do or are interested though

    • I'm from Europe ... More like Central Europe ;)

    • Oh fair enough. I know people in Central Europe and in their country they're heaps into dancing
      I'm from Australia though and almost no one is.
      But you should just do it. In classes they will pair you up with someone probably
      And when you travel or meet similar people it would be extra fun

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  • They probably aren't attracted to ya dude.

    • It's not about that... Of course I danced with girls too, but our country is really closed, if you compare to Spanish guys which I met they dance everywhere, they don't care what others think about them. Here people can only dance if they are drunk -_-

  • Join a dance class

    • I'm 19 I don't have any girl FRIEND for dance :/

  • You must not be atractive

    • It's not about that... Of course I danced with girls too, but our country is really closed.

  • And what country do you live in?

  • dude that's bachata a very popular dance in Hispanic culture

    • Nice bachata is same as salsa?

      Love all this kind of dances :D