What could a good gift be to my bf's brother and his girlfriends birthday?

We have hung out twice, and i really like them. I could really see them become great friends. They have very close birthdays, both turning 25, so they are holding a party together, and i am invited. :D

I was thinking like a box of chocolate, and not the cheap kind. =) But one of them is quite overweight, the other obese, so i dont know if that would be.. awkward. I think at some point they mentioned that there are some stuff they can't eat because of it, and i dont remember what. So its also a bit risky to give them something edible.

so.. any ideas? I was thinking around 25 dollars max.


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  • A nice bottle of wine

  • Gourmet coffee set. You can find them cheap on amazon XD

    • I've never bought anything from amazon. I think it would be expensive to ship to my country. :P

    • I don't know, they have amazon for most countries, right? Amazon UK, EU, au, me, etc? Well, I tried XD

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  • Not chocolate then. Maybe a gift card to the grocery store?

    • I've never heard of that. I dont think you can in my country? Though it is a good idea.. something anyone can use. ^^