How can I clean my dress?

My prom was a month ago and when I was looking at my dress today there is a kind of big spill on the slip of the dress, and then on the shell of the dress there are small splatters along the bottom and then I found another biggish one on the top on the shell. What can I do clean it? I love the dress and I do want to be able to wear it again. Both the slip and the shell are 100% polyester. It says no dry cleaning and it should be professionally spot cleaned only so should I take it to the dry cleaner and have them spot clean it? I have club soda, can I use that? And if I do, how do I clean with club soda?

Okay I guess I didn't explain the splatters on the bottom, a friend dropped her drink and it splattered, I didn't know it landed on me but I guess that it did.


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  • Better to be safe and go to the professionals


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  • Small splatters on it lol must have been a good night. Yes u need to take it in and get expert advice. Don't try anything at home or it will make it worse. Good luck.

  • Omg. You answered your own question/rant.
    Yeah follow the instructions girl.


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  • You can try calling one of the bridal/prom shops in your area, tell them the situation, and see if they have any suggestions or recommendations.