What's your viewpoint of the notorious Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik?

Here's a man from Norway, who committed mass murder, fatal bombings and terrorism (particularly towards the Labour Party in Norway) in Oslo and Utøya back in 2011 for many reasons. One was for his cause (His deep hatred of Muslims, Feminists, Women, and Cultural Marxism). The other was because he grew up with a dysfunctional family (abusive mother who is a feminist, which caused him to hate women and feminists).

What's your viewpoint of the notorious Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik?

  • I don't care what his reasons are for what he did in Oslo and Utøya, he's still a very despicable man who has taken many innocent lives away and should be put out of his misery.
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  • While I'm very disgusted of what he did, I can still somewhat understand some of his reasons for his hatred (due to his abusive mother).
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  • I agree with Breivik's beliefs and completely understand his reasons for what he did.
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  • Heroic figure.

    He didn't went for refugees, muslims etc. Those guys do cause trouble, but they aren't the reason Norway is getting fucked.
    He didn't went for current leftist/liberal bastards (although eliminating them for be good for Norway) that are the core reason why Norway is getting fucked. If they would fall, their youth would pick up the banner of destruction of Norway (by allowing more and more barbarians into Norway).

    He did the right thing: he went for future leaders of leftist/liberal traitors. Basically, he tried to cut the sickness (leftism/liberalism) from spreading after deaths of current traitors.

    I absolutely understand and support his actions. I call it now, somewhere in 2050 or so when muslims will outnumber natives in Norway and will cause a jihad (which will be called "civil war" though), he will be remembered as hero who foresaw the future and tried to prevent it.


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  • There is nothing redeemable, noble or heroic about killing innocent people because you've had a shitty life.

  • Can't we just gather all these nut jobs together and shoot them all?


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  • He killed 77 people and injured hundreds. Who the FUCK can be on this guy's side? His reasons are stupid, and his actions aren't something that someone should defend.
    The fact that he got 21 years in prison shocks me, he's a guy that should die in jail.

    • Pretty much. My take on this is that there's absolutely no reason for him to take his misery out on those people just because they all had different viewpoints from him. If he hates the way his own country is being ran so much, I wonder why he either doesn't try to become a politician himself or move to another country.

  • Somewhere between A and B he is a complete nutcase whose mind was easy prey to the politics of hate.

  • ok... so because he had a bad childhood, that excuses his actions.. ok... PC society should go jump off a cliff.