Would you rather have a study group on weekend or weekday. 45 min drive from where you live. 5-10 pm. (free pizza and drinks) ?

  • weekend.
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  • weekday.
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assuming its something you're interested in or care a lot about:) The group is only made up of people who really care. The food isn't a bribe, its just top help out in case people eat dinner bc the timed cuts into that.
Which day would you prefer?


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  • I would pick weekend - 5 hours after a day of work/classes would be tough.

    • yeah but some people have school/ work on weekends too. i do;(

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    • The world is such a fluid place that it would be hard to suit all but in an ideal world I would pick Sunday.

    • yeah actually i dont think there are classes on Sunday. so out of sat and sun sun is best in that respect.

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  • depends on what the subject is
    if its something im interested in then i dont care about the free pizza or drinks, i would simply go cause studying is fun

    • oh i put that in bc it starts at 5., so people wouldn't have time for dinner. i dont eat 'dinner' but a lot of people do. and good point. assuming its something you're interested in or care a lot about:)

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    • my priority list usually doesn't has food on it

      mine either thats why i thought of it for other people. i overcompensate bc i dont have meals at any particular time.

      what day?

  • free? ok then i'm in ^_^

  • Weekday. Cause my weekends are already full.


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  • Weekday.