Was this out of order?

I told this guy I would meet him after our finals (after a month)
Now that's it's finished.. he hasn't contacted me and he didn't even contact me to say he was going on holiday, I just saw pics on his snapchat.

Do u think that was out of order

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What Guys Said 3

  • how close are you? If you just like him and wanted to get closer, he may not even have realized it... plus if it is a vacation, it was likely planned way in advance..

    • We are close.

    • Well close as in dating, or just friends? Because it is a bit rude, but sometimes things just happen and you loose track of it all... he likely just wasn't thinking that much/ had a lot more important things to worry about.

  • Yes out of order - Try and move on to forget about him

  • After finals he didn't text you even though you're the one setting up the meeting? You should of at least texted him after finals to ask him if he's still up for it.

    • No he wanted to meet.

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    • Yeah, but he usually tells him whenever he goes

    • It could have been a surpise for him and he never got the chance. Ask him about it casually the next time you talk.

What Girls Said 3

  • Wait did you send him something saying you are ready to hang out but then he didn't reply or did you just wait for him to contact you? If it's the latter then I'd say no because he might be waiting for you to arrange things.

  • he probably just forgot about it. If you didn't make any definite plans, then he didn't do anything wrong.
    Just contact him yourself, really simple. Tell him to get back to you about that date you wanted to set up after finals.

  • Why didn't you contact him? Why would he have to tell you he's going on holiday?