What activities can I do?

Story: I had surgery on my thumb (dominant hand) last Wednesday. I currently have stitches in my thumb and on top of that recovery is supposed to last 3-4 months so I can't do much with my right hand. My hand can't lift anything heavier than a fork or a coffee cup right now.

I feel like I will get depressed this summer. I don't have many friends and I feel like I have nothing to do besides clean, watch youtube/tv, and read (Which i don't do often). I thought about exercise but currently I can't because part of the surgery involved my foot, so I also have stitches in my foot for a short time. I can't even play video games like I used to.

This will be the first summer since before 2009 I won't be working and during the year I'm a student. I've always been busy and now it is a complete change becasue my activities are extremely limited.

Does anyone have any thoughts on activities I can do?

I have been able to walk around which I find enjoyable and typing on a keyboard is slowly becoming an option.


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  • Hiking/running and walking for the moment seem the safest options


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  • you should ask your doc what is safe to do.