Where to buy sportsbras for bigger boobs?

Im a 30G and im currently using sportsbras from change, but i have to use two of them if im going running. Since i have to use two of them it creates a lot of weight or pressure on my shoulders and neck, so its obviously not comfortable.

So anyone know where you can buy sports bras in my sizes?


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  • Your best bet is at a specialty store (the boutique kind). If I had continued in competitive horseback riding, I would have needed to get a corset made. You have options, but none of them are cheap.

    • the only special stor where i live is Change sadnly... and i know how expesive it is.. my wallet cries everytime i have to buy a bra haha

    • You can try online. I usually go to barenecessities. com.


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  • There has to be some online site that does when you google it but that sure has got to be heavy feeling when running and very noticeable, wouldn't an elliptical be better?

    • not really, they only feel heavy just before my period.. other than that they dont really bother me.. And i run outside on moutains, and elliptical is so extremly boring, haha

    • I guess you're right about it being boring, with all the complaints on here from the girls with big boobs I thought you might have more problems than that , at least your comfortable with your size, I can't seem to find women with your shape, I guess have to go hiking 😊

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  • I can sometimes find good ones at TJ Maxx. But I usually just double up. It does cause more pressure on my shoulders but I just deal with it because I don't run much. I usually ditch the second sports bra and bike I instead of run

    • i can use one sports bra when im lift, but if im running, the is no chance in hell i can only use one, lol.. they move a lot with two sports bra, i dont want to imgaine how it looks like with only one