Why did George Sodini do it?

I understand rejection can sting. Even the most beautiful women get rejected. But can it cause a man to kill? I know women are tempting but how can a man allow a woman to drive him crazy like that? I sucked with women growing up. Rejection is frustrating and at times I got upset, but I wouldn't physically harm a woman over it. Then at 24, I met my wonderful wife. Sodini wasn't as lucky as me. He murdered three women. Was he mentally ill?


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  • No, He wasn't 'Mentally ill', thats just a shitty excuse for such things.
    He was probably just angry at the fact he felt so hated and unwanted by women, that he thought 'fuck them'. and went nuts.
    I can see why he did what he did, but, i don't agree with it.

    • Same. I got how he felt but they way he went about it was wrong.

    • Cheers for MHO mate :)


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  • Yes he was mentally ill but obviously dangerous as well. Could have it been spotted earlier that raises whole issue of mental health care.

  • Who the hell is George Sodini and why should I care about him?

    • He killed 3 women and injured 10 because he had trouble with women.

    • I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume the man had issues. I have trouble with women too. You won't find me shooting them, though. What a waste of good bullets.

  • well he expressed in his online posts, he was almost 50 and he hadn't had a girlfriend since his early 20's, and he didn't get laid for 20 years either, articles about him still exist, it says he hadn't had a girlfriend since 1984, hadn't slept with a woman since 1990, he committed the incident in 2009, ya so no sex for close to 20 years, that must have been pain and torture for him but still, that's not excuse for what he did, but i think he was also kinda a loner in general, didn't have many friends so wasn't that outgoing, kinda similiar to the late Elliot Rodger.