What will you think if Jack Bauer would not appear in the next season of 24?

I think I will get very depressed.

The 24 Franchise without Jack Bauer is like The Bourne Franchise without Jason Bourne.

What will you think if that happened?


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  • I'd cry and fall to my knees and look to the sky and scream. WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY!


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  • It happens and is out of our control. Why even fret about it?

    Last I've heard and checked they planned on making spin-offs and rebooting the franchise or something since the feature theatrical film project just failed to work out and was not "compelling" enough that Fox had decided they wanted to drop and cancel it. I wasn't too happy that they only brought it back as "Half a Day" with just Half of a Full Season of 24 for Live Another Day. Sometimes I really wished this show could have kept going on-air even for now, even if it becomes long, boring repetitive and awful. But at that point it's worth laughing about more than taking it seriously anyway. xD

    I did hear that if it's a spin-off of some kind, then Kiefer will return in cameos or something like that.

    Kiefer had also claimed earlier that he's done with 24 or so it's just probably contracts that needs to be negotiated and depending on his schedule with various projects.

  • He was 24 - Very few shows survive losing their main character.

  • I would blame muslims and obama.