What's with all the hate against the Confederate battle flag?

It's a historical banner used as the symbol of the Confederate Army. It doesn't mean racism, or naziism, or anything like that.

It's an honorable system that a lot of honorable men fought and bled to defend.

I am really tired of revisionist history where people demonize and use anything as an excuse to target a symbol, and the awful politicians who jump on this bandwagon are a disgrace.

symbol not system*


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  • I agree with you.
    In all honesty even though slavery was definitely wrong, the South actually was justified under the way our nation was made. America was too big to be ruled by a central government honestly, the fact that the war changed things from the United states are to the United States is, really shows what happened there...
    People like to pretend the south would still have slavery to this day, but that's simply not true, slavery was something to fuel war propaganda and the north was only against it cuz their economy didn't rely on it.
    The south actually had a lot of things going for it morally hence why it got people like Custer on its side.


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  • In my definition it stands for "white power"
    There is nothing more annoying to me than pure ignorance smh


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  • I disagree with you. And my ancestors fought for the old Confederacy and I'm a Southerner. The Confederate cause was most certainly not honorable. Lincoln didn't make a call for troops until the Confederates fired the first shots of the war by firing on the federal garrison at Fort Sumter. And thereby the Confederacy plunged the country into a bloody, brutal war. Over 700,000 war dead and civilian casualties. And what was the Confederacy fighting for? The continued ability to own other human beings as chattel property and to be able to extend that disgrace to mankind into the Western territories. And the Confederate cause wasn't just treasonous and immoral. It was stupid. It was doomed from the start. The South was never going to win a protracted war with the North. The North had too many resources, and for the most part didn't have the war fought in Union territory. The Civil War set the South back decades, and the South brought it all on itself. The Confederate battle flag is the symbol of that stupidity and immorality.

    • It was NOT about that.. and the Union refused to vacate southern territory. No one was killed attacking the fort either... sooo yeah.

      And yes, the war should have been won quickly... but the Colonists shouldn't have won against the greatest Empire on earth either!

  • the problems with it?
    it was never the official flag of the Confederacy. only a battle flag

    after the civil war it was used primarily at veteran's rallies to honor fallen confederate soldiers and vets of the Civil War

    the problem here? is that most people NOW don't recognize the flag as that. the recognize it as a symbol of the confederacy... which it isn't

    The flag had fallen into almost complete non-usage until the 1940s when hate groups (primarily the KKK) started using it as their symbol of white unity... so the problem of the Confederate Flag for me is that it is much like the Swastika. The Swastika wasn't designed with hate in mind (the symbol is actually Sanskrit for 'good fortune) however it was used by people to designate their affiliation with hate groups.

    so you see what I mean? the majority of Americans don't understand the history of the symbol and fly purely out of blind loyalty to something they really don't know. Most don't know it was a battle flag and it's positive associations are with Confederate soldiers (who were black and white) ... for most it's a misused symbol for many, like the swastika, there is an association with a dark part of our history as it was used as a rallying cry to racism, hate, and violence for so long.

    • They should LEARN HISTORY instead of complaining about things they don't understand.

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    • I can use anything as a rallying cry for anything... shouldn't change the real meaning.

    • so should swastika's be an acceptable symbol for Germans who want to harken back to the 1930s and 40s? I agree that it has become a misappropriated symbol but because it has been it seems that those who see it as a symbol of honoring Civil War veterans may want to distance themselves from it because it has been used by hate groups as a rallying cry while they lynch, burn, murder, etc.

      Lots of symbols have humble if not virtuous beginings (like the confederate flag or the swastika) but when they become symbols of something else so they are synonymous with that negative association should we still be so proud to fly that symbol? Especially over our government buildings? For example can you imagine the outcry in Germany if they decided to put a Swastika on their gov't buildings? I mean it originally stood for "good fortune"

  • I think the argument goes beyond that. This is The USA. You used to have a right to free speech and expression. I guess now that only applies to people who agree with the majority opinion. Such a shame.

    • Yeah. Like mob rule. For idiots that can't think for themselves. It's scary.

    • The next step is repression for political views. Did you know that homeland security used NSA data to target any person who has ever been a member of or called or emailed Ron Paul's Libertarian candidacy? And no one cared... There was a black list made and their cell phone calls and personal contacts etc were recorded. Tell me why THAT happened... Was in the NY Times. Just going down the drain faster and faster...
      Freedom of speech? Not any more

    • where are people's freedom of expression being violated here? is there a place on Earth where a private citizen can't fly the Confederate Flag on their property? on their clothes? on their cars?


  • Its not exactly like the states and their beliefs that sported the Confederate battle flag would exaclty me considered morale and just in todays society? :L.

    I respect that men died for that flag, But, Its not exactly like that flag represented great things really?

  • I know, like all of a sudden. Some people just need something to hate. And I don't mean any particular race religion or ethnicity. Just some people. They've been flying those flags down there for centuries. I may not like it but that's not where I'd spend my emotion, time, energy or resources i were fighting racism and prejudice and discrimination. Seriously? Some people are just very ignorant about some things and will follow any cause, seeing flag as anti black or pro slavery. Yes, the south fought for theit way of life which included slavery. But it wasn't all about just slavery. People have to learn to out think their emotions and look deeper. Anyone looking at this flag as a symbol of racism is ignorantly stupid and needs to stop being blinded by hate. There are far more serious, far more important concerns like people getting killed than this outdated symbol.

  • I think the confeferate flag as become associated with certain groups - It is one of those symbols that has been corrupted by outside factors.

    • you're 100% right. much like the swastika it has become too associated with hate and racism

  • What's with all the murdering black people in churches?

    • that is the problem of the Confederate Flag. It became and still is often times a rallying cry of hate groups who use it as a symbol of their likeminded racism.

  • People associate it with the CSA and therefore slavery. Some believe it implies racism. Although that whole train of thought is inaccurate that's why it is coming under fire from people who either 1. don't understand history and 2. want to misinform people to politicize them. That being said, people and groups who are actually racist have perverted flag to try to symbolize their disgusting views. On the flip side the flag has also become a symbol of the south, states rights, and rebellion.

  • Simply because of political correctness.
    I hate the decision to even remove that flag from the Lee Chapel in Washington and Lee University.

  • its the troll that couldn't answer my questions.

  • Simply because the confederates were pro slavery... that's why the civil war started. The north wanted to abolish slavery and the South refused... that flag is a disgrace.

    • uh what? That is not even remotely true

      Keep drinking that kool-aid

      Missouri? Kentucky? Maryland? Delaware? Wanted to abolish slavery? Mmmkkkkk

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    • Yeah wgich means northern slaves, which were still around, remained slaves.
      Proving that the emancipation was nothing more then a strategic maneuver.

    • Yes slavery was ended in south with emancipation proclimation in 1863 and slavery totally ended by time 13 amendment came to be in 1865.

  • Victors write history. Look how much hate the Nazi flag gets.