How to acurately identify fake cops Amsterdam?

I am going to Amsterdam in a few months, and I heard there's a possibly we will bump into fake cops ( I won't be myself) that will try to steal our cash. There has to be a way to identify them while they talk to us.


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  • No where in the western world is it common for police to collect money on the spot, you always pay fines after being ticketed.

    • also threaten to call the real police, as the impersonating an officer, which is a massive offence.

    • I know this but they ask for id then you have to pull your wallet that's when they make a move

    • I guess just do that in a way that they couldn't do that. Like kind of turn away? I don't know, I have been there several times and never heard or seen this before tbh! Either way, you will be fine arguing with them a little over what exactly you did to warrant this. And you can just say you left it in your hotel room because you heard people steal wallets and passports very easily there.

      If they are real and need to identify you, they can.


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  • Punch him in the face and then stand there and see if back-up shows up.


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  • Ask to see ID

  • Which legal system requires police to collect fines on the spot? A police officer trying to force you to give up money on the spot isn't a police officer.