Would you ever have a pet rat?

I recently picked up two young females from a breeder, one dumbo and one standard.

They are the sweetest things, very social, curious, and they love attention. I'm litter box training them, and they seem to be getting the hang of it. So far they've been lovely pets. And I can't wait to develop a deeper bond with each and also teach them a few tricks.
Would you ever own a rat? Do you, if so what tips do you have?

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  • I've rats and I love them. Give them a not too much snacks and put them in the living room or in the children room. Let them run around in one room for 1 hour a day and buy something that covers your cables. Clean their cage every 3 th or 4 th day trust me the smell can be terrible at the beginning the smell will be not that good but after 2 weeks you can't smell it anymore. You should at least buy two rats because they are pack animals.

    • Thanks for the tips! :)
      Haha, my girls are definitely working on readjusting their palate's. I'm a 'no junk food' type of rat mom. So they've been learning to appreciate their veggies and Oxbow. Yeah, the smell is noticeable to me right now, and I've spot cleaned every day plus changed their litter box out and removed the old bedding. I think it's time to get a scrubbin. One of my females likes to nip, it doesn't hurt, but it's not ideal. Have you ever experienced this?

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    • Really, I hope the same applies for fingers. She's so cute and if you don't place your fingers on her right away she'll run to you and nip, haha.

    • hahaha yeah that's normal too it's because of the stuff that's under your nail mine are doing that too


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What Guys Said 4

  • I would have no problem owning a rat

  • I had two when I was in elementary school. I forgot what happened to them.

  • Only rats I kept were getting fed to my snake

  • I'd only ever keep pet rats if I had a pet arowana to feed it to.

    • Do you like fish pets more than mammal pets?

    • Actually, I don't. I prefer dogs, but my last german shepard was skillful enough at catching birds and rats on his own, he left leftovers for me on my door every other week.

What Girls Said 5

  • YES THEY ARE SO FUCKEN CUTE!!! Though my kitteh lily might try to eat it. :'(

    Also you can tickle rats and they will laugh or well squeak laugh, lol.


    • Wow, really cute. Haha, I think my girls would be so confused if I flipped them over and rubbed their bellies like that, haha. I know must try it haha

      My cats are hovering around their cage a little too much, it's large and up high, so they could get away if they had to, but my kitties can be evil boys.

    • @Mustachekitteh I actually tried this with mine. I couldn't tell if she was mad, scared, or enjoying it. But we must put this man's science to good use!

  • I have with my sister years ago. We called him Herbert, I loved him to bits.

  • I wanted to when I was 10 and did have one but it died

    • I'm sorry to hear that, it's a shame they don't live longer. It's also ironic how delicate they are compared to other pets. @complicated_soul

  • Maybe, but dunno how it will live alongside my cat :P

    • I have to separate my cats and the rats. The cage is secure, but I'm terrified they'll slip a claw in and hurt the girls.

    • Yeah!! I'd be terrified for their safety..

  • Noooooo. That grosses me out lol

    • Rats in general or the thought of holding one. I had never held a rat until I put my pets in my hands, they're from a breeder so they're really sweet. I know a lot of people don't like the idea. One of my future roommates is super wary, haha.