I felt like crap after talking to sinye really nice guy?

So my sister and I met this guy 2 months ago when we met him and his Brothers (that were visiting him) at æ bar.

We hit it off and they invited oss us to their pre-party.

Anyway, I met him today again and he was really nice and he is to tall lol. And for some reason I felt like crap after meeting him because he is so nice and polite and im not in a way.. is that weird?

This really nice*


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  • Is there any reason y u r not polite qtowards him then?

    • ofc im nice and polite towards him... but he's a social and outgoing guy with a lot of friends (its seems like) and really attractive brothers, and i feel like im not likable enough i guess

    • guess it might b just yer impression actually...

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  • Don't put yourself down - Stay in contact with him and see where it goes

  • You feel like crap, as in you're not good enough for him? Or how?

    • as in "im-not-as-interesting-and-fun-like-him" kinda way.. maybe i do feel like im not good enough for him too.. who know?

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    • ofc i am... who doesn't want to be concidered interesting and fun? I thought i was obvious lol

    • So you know it's obvious that everyone wants to be considered interesting and fun, yet you have to ask if it's weird lol

  • why would he want to date you?

    • Wtf? Did I ever say he wants to date me?

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    • my older sister is gay.. so yeah she could give me some advice, but im pretty sure dating a guy and dating a girls is way different... Non of my friends have a sucsessful relationship or dating for that matter.. And I guess i could look at it like that.. im not good at showing feelings or interest on any level..

    • Well if she is gay, she is strong enough. Why not parents? or an uncle? That it is something to work on. Showing feelings is a key part in relationships the second you stop and act fake, your significant other will know and if you continue you WILL lose that relationship. So like all good things in life finding and maintaining a good relationship is hard work; in fact a lot of people in our generation are unwilling to do the hard work that is required to make a relationship successful. One thing you must understand is once you are in a relationship, things don't suddenly get easier, they get more complicated, you will have to be able to push through the complicated times and come out on top. I suppose I am resentful towards my generation since in that compartment I believe things don't just fall into my lap... you have to earn it. Regardless of my feelings a majority of the time a relationship fails is because the person wasn't ready and not communicating.

  • Sounds like you're psycho already.. If I were him, id stay away

    • why would you stay away from me? if you were him?

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    • Then dont say yes if he asks you out. That would be leading him on

    • im about 99% sure he isn't interested in me.. so i doubt it would even be a problem

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