Why is Microsoft Word doing this on my computer?

I have a Windows 7. Recently, Microsoft Word has been telling me "Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable" every time I open the program or start a new file. What does that mean? I also can't save files. It won't even open the "save as" window. What's going on here?


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  • The "temp environment variable" it is talking about is a system wide variable (called "%TEMP%") and its value is the path to a directory which is used to create temporary files in.

    The cause of this message may be that the %TEMP% variable doesn't exist, or that the path it refers to doesn't exist, or that the disk on which the directory is located is full.

    You can test if it exists by typing %TEMP% in the Run dialog window (windows key + r, or start menu -> run) and hitting enter. It should pop up an Explorer window showing the contents of the directory in question. If it doesn't exist it will show an error message instead. In case of the latter, well, I'll reply later when you have tested that.

    • Okay, I did get that window.

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    • Strange. Are you sure the disk isn't nearly full?

    • As it turns out, my computer just needed to do some updates. Thanks for your help though. Have a good day.

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  • One I finally know... The Temporary Internet Files folder for Windows Internet Explorer is set to be in a location where you do not have permission to create new temporary files.

    look here for solution: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2285187


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  • I'm assuming this is a cracked microsoft word?

  • Your porn habits probably infected and ruined common files. Reinstall (although you probably pirated the copy of MS Office anyway, which is probably another reason it isn't working).