I dont like wearing bras, do I have any other options?

what can a girl with a bigger chest wear instead of a bra? I hate bras.. i use them at most twice a week.. when im not wearing bras im wearing sportsbras...

But as we all know sportsbras aren't necessarly the most flattering thing for the chest.. by the way it can be a bra, just without the wire


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  • You could try tops with support inside. I love when my dress or shirt has enough built in support that enables me not to wear a bra.

    • im not sure if thats going to look good... because im a size small, but my boobs are like a size L.. so either my boobs will look weird or I have to buy my top in a way too big size..

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    • I was in a special bra shop today and they dont really have what im looking for... its extremly difficult just to find a regular bra... and even if i dot find a regualr bra its costs a lot... i was kinda hoping anyone here knew any online shops or something

    • I would first look into blouses/shirts for women with large chests and couple that research with new products and possibly more comfortable bras and go from there.

  • I be found some underwire free ones that are pretty good. I also have big boons and they're super comfy

  • what about all the female super hero costumes.. :P

  • I have B-size, so no problem. But you can try tight fit shirts or tank tops to give some support.

    • Well I have way bigger boobs and im pretty sure yours are way perkier then mine, haha

  • Eh.. I got so sick of wearing bras. I don't care that I have big boobs. Of course I can't get away with not wearing them during the day

    But I don't wear them at night, just a large t-shirt instead. i think that time not wearing one is relief enough to put up with them during the day. c:

    • Luck you... I can't stand bras... they are expensive, I seem to never find the right size or the right model, they are uncomfortable.. you name it. But im pretty sure you already know this lol

    • have you never gotten fitted? it's fairly easy to do by yourself if not.

      but yeah.. they are expensive. i have like three that still fit and they're all the same brand. XD