I love someone and I don't know what to do advice please?

I love one of my coworkers and I'm not sure what to do. He's only the second person I've truly had feelings for. He's not from where we live but he's lived here for a while and now he's moving back where he's from. I wanted to cry when he told me I understand but I'm going to miss him so much. I just don't know what I should do. I'm scared to tell him how I feel but I'm scared to have him in my life anymore too. Advice please!

I'm one of those people that are always stressed out and nervous about everything but when I'm around him in not. I'm calm and relaxed. We laugh all the time and when he's upset it hurts me. He was the first person to ever verbally encourage me at anything. he hasn't even left yet and I miss already I've been crying all evening since he told me


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  • Bite the bullet and tell him


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  • just tell him how hard can it be?

    • He's my manager.

    • so what just say it manager or ceo it doesn't matter if you really like that person!

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  • Have you guys ever dated? Do you guys have each others number?

    • We never dated. He lost his phone months ago

    • I would give him ur number again and start texting

  • Speak to him, invite him round for dinner or a night out. Get his number and try and contact him. I think you need to talk to him as much as possible, and try to build a strong friendship with him where you can come out and say you like him !