Bumped another car at a stop light, nothing seemed to be wrong, but all of a sudden the guy says that something is different. he is only checking now?

I know that i am asking this question on the wrong website, but it is wroth a try.

So i bumped a car that was in front of me while we were turning at a red light. I thought he went, and then i bumped him a little, I wasn't going quickly, just starting to drive. anyways nothing was immediately wrong with the vehicle. it was a big 4x4 SUV sort of thing, which i also what i was driving. also the guy was fine.

It has been about a month since that incident, and he called today. he says that it looks like the bumper has been pushed in a little bit on one side. I do not think that this could happen after a month. i think that after a month it is pretty much a done deal that nothing would happen, plus how do i know what this guy has done in a month. The guy says that he hasn't had time to go to a mechanic as he is a teacher and had no time... my ass he had no time, both of my parents are teachers, one retired, and I know that they are able to do things including stuff aside from work.

does anyone know anything about cars, or a website that I can go to, to ask a question or anything like this?


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  • It would be goddamn helpful knowing which country you live in for starters.

    • Canada, But this question isn't really about which country I am from. it is about vehicles and trying to find out if anyone here knows about vehicles, how they are built or what could happen a month after a minor bump to a bumper. also it is to find out if anybody knows a website that I can go to, to find answers to my car related question. so putting a country didn't seem necessary. it is not about insurance or proper procedures after a driving incident.

    • IMHO this guy has probably done something else to his car (hit a wall or post or whatever) and is now figuring he can get a free repair out of you by claiming he didn't spot the damage until now.

      For this reason I would normally advise my insurance company of any incident so it was on record that it had happened and that there was no damage... for situations just like this.


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  • He's SOL if he didn't make a accident report or call the police when it happened. Something very well could have been damaged but he took too long to notice and he has no proof that his bumper wasn't damaged during the time he took to contact you.

    You got lucky. Rule of thumb is always call the police in an accident ( even a fender bender bump ) because it will record exactly what happened where, when, how and by who.


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  • Sounds like BS saying something wrong a month later - Check with your insurance company

  • Actually shouldn't an adjuster come out from insurance company and assess the car to see about quote on damage/repairs.

    • Plus did you exchange insurance info and get an officer to do an accident report.

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    • yes of course

    • Than like I said if neither of you handled the situation properly you have no obligation to pay for something that after a month of time is probably him trying to extort money from you.

  • I think he won't be able to make a clam or anything it has been a month