Was Severus Snape a hero?

I am still confused. DIdn't he do bad stuff... so did he start to become a villain? or was it always Dumbledore's plan?


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  • Snape started as villain and became a good guy. Or rather, started as a good guy, became a villain, and went back to a good guy.

    He was in love with Lilly Potter at school, turned to Voldemort after he lost her to James who had bullied him, then turned double agent for Dumbledore after Voldemort killed Lilly.

    Dumbledore had tasked him with spying on Voldemort, and when Harry came to Hogwarts he also tasked Snape with protecting Harry.

    Regarding what he did to Dumbledore, Dumbledore was already dying from the curse of the horcrux. They knew that Malfoy had been sent by Volodemort to kill Dumbledore, so Dumbledore made Snape swear to kill him instead for two reasons. First, he thought Malfoy could still be saved and turned away from the path of Voldemort. Second, he knew that if Snape did the deed instead of Malfoy it would put all of Voldemort's distrust about Snape to rest and make him his most trusted lieutenant so Dumbledore could discover Voldemort's full plans. So that was Dumbledore's plan all along. Snape didn't want to do it, but Dumbledore held his love for Lilly over his head and pressured him into it. So it was very much Dumbledore's intent the entire time.

    • u readz bookz?

    • I did read the books one time, but it's all in the movies and I've seen them all 5 or 6 times.

    • why so many times? The 2nd to last movie in my opinion sucked


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  • I want to give Snape agency. I mean everyone else gets these rich backstories with multifaceted motivations and Snape just gets "I did it for a girl". That's kind of shallow... He does all these great things and helps so many people and it all gets reduced down to "I did it for a girl".

    The only thing worse than all that is saying that he didn't even get to make his own decisions. All he did was slog through Dumbledore's machinations. I don't think there's anything left to a person like that. There's no life.

    I think there more to him than he even realized. He couldn't even give himself the credit he deserved. I don't know if that makes him a hero or not, but it definitely makes him more than Dumbledore's pawn.

  • It depends on what your definition of hero is. I think ultimately all of Snape's actions stemmed from a selfish place, and had nothing to do with doing 'what's right'. He still couldn't get over his jealousy for James and punished Harry for it, played favourites, and tormented other students for no justifiable reason.
    Snape was human. He wasn't entirely good or entirely evil. Just because he did some good things doesn't mean he's off the hook for the other things he's done.

  • He was a good guy, he only had to become a "villain" as a part of his and Dumbledore's plan so save Harry in the end.

  • He's more of an antihero. He lacks traditional heroic qualities, but he's still a good person...

  • Him and dumbledore were gay for each other too actually

    • I thought it was supposed to be Dumbledore and Grindelwald or something.

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    • FORGIVE MEEEE @BellePepper

    • LMFAO! I kiiid I kiiid! I'm sure there are tons of other ships we agree on and it wouldn't be fun without any differences at all!

  • watch it and find out...


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