Does weighted clothing help?

i am considering buying a 30kg shirt and wear it for a period, because that is training with everyday activities
but is it worth it because they cost about 100 each
anyone have experience with this?


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  • Wearing a weighted vest is useful if you are trying to train your body to work harder than it normally would at an activity. Basically, the idea is that if you train with say, a weighted vest, your body is forced to work harder than it would with just your normal body weight, and so when you go to then later do the same level of activity without it, it is much easier for you to do much the way a runner might train to run a 5k, by running 8k in practice, b/c if you can run 8k, 5k becomes normal and easy.

    The vest has a great impact on your cardiovascular output, helps increase strength and endurance, adds variety to your workout, and builds muscle. However, just putting one on and attempting to do your normal routine is not advisable. With weighted vests you need to start low and work your way up in weight. Start with like 2kgs or about 5lbs in the vest, and then build. Also if you are not in the best shape now or have a higher level of fitness, simply adding weight is just going to make it extremely difficult to do a workout and you won't have the energy to even complete yours. Also, don't wear these things doing every day stuff. You need to be able to concentrate on your form whenever you do any sort of work with weights. Keep it in the gym or in your workout routine if you do use one.


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  • Never heard of weighted clothes only ankle weights and wrist weights - I don't get the process is it like everyday activity weight training

    • well it is a shirt or pants/shoes weighing 30 kg for the shirt less for shoes ofc :p
      it is meant to make training harder
      but i wonder about using it in everyday situations

  • Yes, it does help. I've lost nearly a 100 pounds over the last year, and I used a weighted vest for a time during my gym workouts. I would do calisthenics and stepmill using that sucker, and let me tell you, it was an ass kicker.

  • y u should do this bro? workin out as u are wid yer ordinary clothes is fine as it is

    • i lost 45kg of fat and i discovered how strong being fat made me.
      wearing these clothes is just resimulating what it used to be and will make me stronger

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    • you don't understand. fat isn't carried by magic you know! so in order to carry the fat you need very strong muscles and thus, when losing weight all your muscles are developed!

    • anyway i believe it's a waste of money... but if u wanna spend yer money there... i cannot judge u :|

  • It's worth for training like pull-ups, push-ups etc. (street workout) also for running.