I had the strangest dream last night?

So I had this dream where I was in a church, and there was a funeral and a wedding happening at the same time. The coffin was brought in, then the bride/bridal party came down the aisle and sat along the front. I have no idea who they were. The weird part was that the funeral was for my grandfather (my mum's dad) who died over 40 years ago. I was crying next to mum, and told her that I wanted to get up and speak while they were doing the eulogies. I don't remember what happened after that, cause I must've woken up.
It's the second time in maybe a week that I've had a dream about my grandfather. The wedding and the funeral happening at the same time confused me. Does anyone have any idea what this might mean?


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  • I believe it's our way of coming to terms of contact with
    our loved ones who have passed away and we have it
    embedded in our minds wondering how they passed
    how would it be if they were alive and you were able
    to talk with them and how would your relationship
    with them would be if they were alive and you talked
    to them face to face , Would it be a good relationship
    would you be close to them or would you be distant
    with them..


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  • Did a google - I hope this helps

  • I find that the really small things in my life always enter my dreams, almost like cameos in a film. Maybe you've been thinking about your grandfather a little bit and it's just slipped in?

  • Yes ı think


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  • you are scared you might be losing your mum.