Android too infested with ads? Is this normal?

I used to have a windows phone and it was driving me nuts and now I have a Galaxy s4. I noticed though that especially with pandora, the pop ups are ridiculous. Is this normal or could it be a virus?


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  • It's possible you could have gotten a virus that increased them, but most all free apps on Android have ads. The reason is because in order for them to have their software up on the Google Play Market, they have to pay a fee to Google. In order to keep from paying out of pocket, they have two ways of going about this: Charging you, or putting in ads where they generate revenue just by having you use the software.

    • I ended up contacting sprint online and they showed me how to master reset my phone and I do notice much less of them now. I tried to root it but probably bumped into some bogus programs.


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  • Normal especially if you're using apps that are free. Free apps get their revenue from bombarding you with ads, so if you want to minimize that, it's a good idea to pay for the app.

    • Yea I notice pandora's crazy spamming with the ads now I guess to push their "pandora one" version. I feel like that's just gonna annoy people away from the service instead of make them purchase.

    • Possibly! Pandora isn't available here so I have no idea what's going on with it. But that's generally how things work with free apps. They want to try and get you to upgrade to the premium versions.

  • Ads? I've never had that happen on my phone. Sounds like a virus to me


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  • Pop ups on mobile are very much a normal. thing!

    Remember that those ads are why the app is free!

  • Root it and install adaway.

    Your phone will be 100% ad free.

    Just make sure to keep Google Chrome browser 'data saver' feature to be off, after installing adaway.

    CF auto root works perfectly to root S4.

    • It blocks in app ads along with web browser ads, so best solution.

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    • Which android version are you on?

      Did you use Odin correctly and CF auto root file for your exact phone model, to root it?

      Like i9500, i9505, i337m etc?

      Rooting Samsung phones are easiest.

      Did you install the usb drivers and usb debugging?

    • Enable usb debugging?

  • If it's Windows it's bad. Everybody should get something else.

    • Yea when I tried a windows phone it was a nightmare for me. In store people from sprint kept telling me to get something else. I notice the aps are all on droid and apple phones yet on windows the closest aps I could get were 3rd party imitation versions that would crash or have bugs. I just noticed a big difference between the abundance of ads on pandora when it comes to the droid version but I also notice the windows version of pandora felt outdated in lots of ways.

    • I actually don't have a strong opinion but I felt like jumping on the Apple/Android bandwagon. It was okay.

  • Yes, totally normal.