Why do I feel bad for not having a boyfriend?

why do i feel the need to find a boyfriend? why do i question my attractiveness when i can't find a guy to date? I hate that i want a boyfriend, because its kinda obvious im not going to find one.. its difficult not to think its something wrong with me when i dont have any..

I confuse myself...


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  • Sometimes all singles feel like that now and again

    • I feel like this all the time and have for the last 3 years... I have NEVER had a boyfriend.. And it makes me feel even worse about when I know im not unattractive

    • You are young yet and as you say attractive - Your time will come - Try not worry - Focus on enjoying life - Sometimes love sneaks up on us, if you don't look so hard, it might find you instead


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  • You just think what probably 90% or all involuntary single people think to themselves.

    Just try to remember that your value as a human being is not given to you by somebody else.

    • i know... but i dont get why i want one.. i dont need one... but it does make me question how people think of me.. or if im even a likable person... i mean if im such a nice person finding someone to date shouldn't be that hard.. especially since im average looking girl

    • There's a lot of things that we don't really "need" but want anyway.
      You have probably already answered yourself why you want one even though you don't need one. And the reason is because without one you start questioning yourself and you want this to stop.

  • let me be your boyfriend !

  • It's very normal you're probably not unattractive

    • i know im not... and thats a reason it makes it worse.. its not like its obvious why im single.. and it makes it harder for me to deal with

  • It's natural to want a manly D 8)

    • bur i want more then sex.. so yeah.. if i only wanted sex i would have lots of it all the time..

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