How to convince my mum and dad to stay in my home country?

basically I've moved to qatar because of my dads job. He's convinced it's better for us then staying in Australia. My mum before was living in Australia with me and my siblings that are all young whilst my dad was working overseas. In my opinion my mum seemed a lot happier and so did everyone else in Australia. My dad has a 3 year contract so he'll have to stay for another 2 years. my dad promised that after six months if I didn't like it in Qatar we could all move back (excluding my dad). When I ask if we are going to stay in Australia for good these holidays both my parents answer with I don't know. How do I get them to give me a yes or no answer and how do I get them to be convinced to stay? In 2 weeks


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  • Just tell them how important it is to you that you get a clear and definite answer to your query

  • How about you google a bunch of gang rapes that happen in Muslim countries?


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