Got a pet cat for the first time and she's scared. How to go about this?

She was just given to us by mom's friend and basically it's our very first pet to own.

She's scared and won't come out under the bed. We gave her water but still no response.

How to actually take care of cats?


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  • Just stay in the room with her, but ignore her. Sit on the floor and read, play on your laptop, watch tv. When she comes out, just let her be. Don't try to pet her right away. After she shows an interest in you, speak very gently and softly to her but again, don't try to pet her yet. This way doesn't take long at all, her curiosity will draw her to you. Once she starts hanging near you, hold your hand out to her, but no pets yet. She will sniff and move on. You'll know when you can pet her. Play with her once she comes out with a toy. You are teaching her you are harmless and fun. This may be time consuming but it works.

    *I am a rescue mom to cats, horses, goats, birds and rabbits. Even a gecko :)*


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  • I have had several cats in my life - including ones with difficult and abusive past.

    The best is to give them room and don't overdo it with trying to cuddle and fondle them. Just let them be and put food + a cat-toilette there. Earlier orlater she will come out anyway.
    When she does, don't rush to her. Be calm and move your hand slowly towards her - and if she pulls back too much, let her be. Same with touching. Give small touches on the head, but if it's too much for her, give her space again.

    Just be patient and she will come to trust you with time.

  • It will take her time to get used to new environment - She will come out when hungry - Don't rush her

  • just give her time, she will eventually come around you can't rush cats they do everything in their own time


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  • She just has to get used to her surroundings. She's probably just scared right now.

  • How old is she?

    Give her time, she'll grace you with her presence.