General thoughts about joining the Army/Navy/Air Force?

I'm not looking for anything too specific, but what is your general opinion of the Army/Navy/Air Force?

I've always wanted to go into the Air Force and I'm meeting with another recruiter soon. I'm just kind of curious about what people think when the question of joining the Army comes up.

Thanks! :D


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  • im not really for it or against it.
    its a definite lifestyle change. if thats something you want to pursue you should go for it!!!
    i personally couldn't deal with it, im a whimp.

    • Lol so true, it's definitely not for everyone. I've always been into it, family/friends constantly tell me about how drastic the lifestyle change is but I think I can adjust.

    • you should try it then... or at least look into it.
      have you gone to a recruiting office? maybe you should and see what its like onthe outside... then go do ur testing and see how you feel. maybe see what kind of jobs they offer you and marinate on it :D
      could be something you regret not doig if u dont give it a try.

    • Yeah, I've been twice. Once with my friend because he wanted to sign up. Second time was just to ask questions and understand what I'm getting myself into. But yeah, thanks for help!


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  • Not much.
    My mom, dad, uncle, and granddad were in the military.
    A lot of my friends and friend's family members are in the military also.
    My mom (army) and best friend's brother (air force) said that if we ever join the military we should join the air force.
    So meh.

  • My ex was in the military. Just dont always trust the recruiters make sure whatever deal you get is in writing.


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  • I am strictly against any military institution. I'm not a pacifist but I am very much an opponent of the military (whether in the US or in my own country). Particularly in the US, the army is nothing more than a tool used by the rich and powerful people to protect their own interests by shedding the blood of young, often financially underprivileged people. They tell you it's patriotic to fight but it's not. You're not actually fighting for any high values as you might think. If you look at the past 50 years of American military interventions, you will learn that all these brave (but naive) young people died for nothing. They died because some politicians fucked up whole geographic regions or because they wanted to steal other countries' oil or install some asshole dictator who was in line with these American politicians' opinions. I absolutely hate the idea of more young people dying for this kind of bullshit. Let the politicians themselves put on a uniform and sort it out themselves. American politicians (especially Republicans) always act as though you'd be so important to them. But you're not. Have you ever wondered why the veterans in the US are treated like garbage? Because their job is done. Politicians don't care if you lose a leg or a hand or your head. As long as you sacrifice yourself for their money and power. I say: don't do it. The army might offer you a secure job but you're too good for them. You're life is too valuable for this. Or to express my thoughts in a song, I'd like to say it with Bob Dylan:

  • (Are you in the US?).

    I can't speak for the US here, But, I'm planning on joining the army in 2 years (Royal Tank Regiment), I think its worth it ;).
    Just be careful when you are in the recruitment stages tho dude, I have a couple friends who came out of the Royal Marines recently who i work with, and they said the recruiters will always try to fuck you over.
    For example, Don't just join up and asked to get put into a role, Make sure you apply for a specific role and dont take your mind off it, Otherwise you will get put in some sewage / cleaning regiment or something xD.

  • My whole family is from the army so I would recommend air force it's amazing trust me and I wish u luck 😃

  • In Canada great benefits, little risk high reward.
    The only hard part is meeting the physical requirements.

    • Yeah I've heard. I've gotten the physical requirements down, so that's no problem. Just need to figure out the which branch I want to go into

    • Which country are you from?
      Air force seems pretty cool, very little risk involved and you get to fly a plane.

    • From the USA. And ya, I've always been interested in the Air Force, just have been postponing it for personal/family reasons

  • You want Air Force and then Navy and then army and marines as a last resort. You have a LOT more opportunity in the Air Force and tey get stationed in much better locations

    • Yeah, I've done a good amount of research and question asking. Personally the Air Force is where I'd fit in best.

    • they have a lot more room for advancement and offer a lot more in the way of training. Especially in high tech areas.