Black Nerds? And a makeover in the black community?

For my fellow black people, why is it that you have to be a certain way or talk a certain way to be "black"? I guess you can say I'm one of the nerdy black girls. I speak fluent Japanese love anime I cosplay but I'm always picked on usually by other blacks because I talk "white" or because I don't listen to hip hop/rap. I feel like it's hard being different in the black community cause you will be labeled as "white" and not ever black person is like that. But why pick on me cause I don't fit the stereotype?


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  • No offense but so what? They're going to act and treat you like that regardless and you shouldn't let it bother you. It's simply because you're different.

    My family on my dad's side call me white all the time and I don't care. Yes I do listen to "white music" it's just something that I like but it's not like I don't listen to other kinds of music as well.

    And so what if I dress girly/dressed up sometimes instead of wearing fitted Ts, jeans, leggings/jeggings/short shorts, Jordans, and a snapback all the time. It's apart of my style and what separates me from everyone else. And not a single person has ever made fun of the way I dressed I actually receive a lot of compliments on it.

    I make friends with everyone regardless of our race or background and different interests. It's pretty easy to do becsusetin the long run we're all people and focusing on what we have in common is instead of different is the way to make friends.


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  • I think that happens in all races the outsiders feel picked on

  • Because they're ignorant. They are shaming their own race, by saying your acting white. Your acting intelligently. Intelligence doesn't have a skin color.

  • Nobody has the right to steal somebody else's culture.

    • What do you mean I'm not stealing anybody's culture

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    • Seems like that takes away a job from somebody who speaks it because they have to but I guess the important thing is you want it so whatever.

    • Yup😊

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  • People pick on everyone.