Any car enthusiasts on GaG?

If so what car do you drive? What mods have been done to it? Is it your daily driver? What's your dream car? Yes I am only 14 but I love cars more than anything and know loads about them.


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  • At age 18 an Infiniti G series was my "attainable" dream car. Got that then I spent too much money on parts. It's in my cover photo. Now I gave it to my momma and drive a Full sized Truck

    • That's too bad. G's are great cars but expensive to maintain.

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    • That is true, trade off of power for gas guzzling. It's worth it ;)

    • True true in my opinion one of the best sounding v6 engines on the market for sure


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  • I go to car shows all the time! I have always had a soft spot for cars from the 50s, their shape is so unique from other decades. My family has owned a 1974 Barracuda and right now we own a 1966 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. Dream car would probably be older cars, always loved minis and Firebirds. I don't drive a car yet, but I hope I get a nice classic car when I can drive

    • That's super awesome! I love old American muscle cars! If I had to choose my top three i would have to say 1970 Oldsmobile 442 convertible, 1966 Firebird convertible, and 1974 Cuda. Crazy that you owned one! Super jealous!

    • Muscle cars are awesome, seriously! I also love Cobras because they're so rare and their shape is just perfect. Awesome how we have similar taste in cars! Yea it is anamazing car, wish we still owned it

  • sorry not me

    • That's alright it's not for everyone! We all have our passions and they are all special!

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  • I love cars. My car is only a Ford Focus. I haven't modded it because I don't have the money. It is my daily car because I am in college. I wish I could have a Mustang, Tesla, or a supercar

    • Very cool! I hope you are able to get your dream car in the future!

  • Kind of, but I don't drive yet. I will hesitate to modify any of my cars. I lean on the safe end, but I would love to own a Dodge Durango, Ford F-450, or Cadillac Escalade. I also love motorhomes so. :).

    • That's awesome! We all love different cars and that's what keeps this culture going! Very interesting to hear what kind of cars you like!

    • No problem. :D.