Why disguised things to try to offend whites are not deleted but when they say that Asian boys have small dick or blacks are ugly they are deleted?

  • Because we have a team of black and Asian boy moderators
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  • Because whites accept being the target of more attacks
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  • Because the moderators are biased
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  • Probably because it’s not clear to differentiate something that is intentionally meant to offend vs something that is simply meant to provoke thought and expand people’s perspectives. Your example about Asians and Blacks is clearly an outright, offensive stereotype meant to degrade. Depending on the post directed towards white people, there may not be an outright, offensive stereotype or any intent to degrade at all. You can tell when someone is clearly, UNQUESTIONNABLY, boldly trying to be mean-spirited in a racist attack towards Asians or blacks. However, if someone is simply proposing a question in a non-antagonistic, genuinely knowledge-seeking way, GAG admin probably doesn’t see it as a mean-spirited, antagonistic, racist attack. Just a guess.


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  • I can't say I haven't noticed this phenomeon.

  • Frst of all Asians dont have small dicks thats stereotype trust me i have a big package and all the girls i banged whether in college or friends with benefits in other sources at the end of the day all gone to their home smiling and i knew some chinise and japanese dudes too banged a couple of chicks all of them looks happy with their boyfriend so stop judging!!

  • It's cool to hate on us white boys but that's okay. We only invented the shit you're using to spew hate about us along with everything else except peanut butter. :/

    • That’s a very arrogant comment. White people are not responsible for the inventions of everything useful and advancing. Do your research and stop discrediting other races while you give white people mass credit they don’t completely deserve.

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  • Honestly... I wish people would just leave each other alone. That s never really gonna happen but, its possible for people to judge others based on their own biased opinions. Race has ( or at least should have) nothing to do with it.