How can I get rid of cartilage bumps (piercings)?

im 14 and i dont even know what i was thinking. i just went with my dad after a ton of convincing and the plan was to get my 2nd lope and one cartilage piercing. but then i was looking on my phone at pics of cartilage piercings. and one pic had 2 helix piericings on one ear. so i wanted that look instead. and i just thought it would look stupid if i only got it on one ear. so i decided to get it on both ears. and i tend to sleep on my side so i can't sleep well anymore. and everytime i do a bump will grow on it. i dont want to tell my dad to take it out because that will really get him mad. how can i at least get rid of the horrible bumps?


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  • There may be injection about treatments to dissolve the bumps. Butthat would be cosmetic and out of your own pocket

  • Well did you get them recently? I got a double helix in May and mine still have a bump on the back. I'm not supposed to take mine out until the 4th of July. They are probably still healing.