Fast food restaurant? Bojangles?

I work at Bojangles. Now for those who do not know what it is, it's a fast food restaurant.
Okay well I clean, I take the food out to the cars, but the only I can't do is work the register! I'm so upset because my manager said I might get fired... But that was only my 1st day and plus I didn't have the proper training, the restaurant is too busy, so I can't memorize all the buttons on the touch screen. Any suggestions? What should I do.


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  • It is only your first day - Relax it will come in time - Ask for help if you need it - It sounds like you were not trained properly ask for a refresher on register


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  • Ask, people don't know what you need unless u speak up


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  • I had the same problem when I first started working and you are right, you might get fired. But as you keep going from one job to another and working their cash registers it will become easier for you and eventually you will have no difficulty working the cash register at your new job.