Who is your favorite "Impractical Jokers" actor?

  • Q (Brian)
    0% (0)33% (1)17% (1)Vote
  • Murr (James)
    33% (1)0% (0)17% (1)Vote
  • Sal
    33% (1)33% (1)33% (2)Vote
  • Joe
    34% (1)34% (1)33% (2)Vote
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  • Murr, he wins most of the time lol

    • I feel sorry for Murr, they are always picking on him. Lol. And you can clearly tell that Sal doesn't like him...

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    • Lol! Did you see the episode where they said he can't legally take photographs of people anymore? He must have a strange past. Lol. But i still love him. He is the runt of the group.

    • No, I didn't see that one :/
      Yeah, he's weird but I love him <3 For me he's the coolest of them lol

      Thanks for the MHO :D

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