How's my Photoshop (update)?

How would I make it more realistic?
How's my Photoshop (update)?
He used to be a bald midget lol. The lips creep me out.

My friends reactions were amazing


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  • I'm definitely no photoshop expert, so I don't know the difficulty of everything, but...
    1.) I would improve the shadows on the top left where the hair covers the forehead. I think it should be darker.
    2.) The lips are creepy I think because of the color. They are incredibly pale.
    3.) It seems like a rough cut / awkward blur on the upper right.
    4.) Unless you are trying to make it purposefully creep, I would change the entire complexion of the uhh "girl" to less pale. Needs warmer colors.

    Well, that is just my opinion.


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