Why is he still acting awkward?

Me and my coworker had a thing. Ended badly. He went back to his ex. I was hurt and angry but I got over it. We are on talking terms and are friends again. But... He still acts awkward in messages and yet in person he makes a ton of effort to talk to me and to joke with me. We use to be able to talk about everything in text and messaging. Now that he broke up with his ex he hardly talks to me outside of work. But at work he can't stay away from me. I've made it clear I see him as a friend just because I thought he was acting like the way he does in message because he thought I still have a thing for him. Which I dont. But why is he acting like this?


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  • Sounds a bit odd - Maybe he has a thing for you


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  • Maybe he doesn't want to be accused of trying to get back with you. If you are talking in person and in public places, its a lot less likely he's going to be accused of cheating, etc. Then if he spent a lot of time messaging you.

    • He's single right now though. That's what confuses me. I've asked my other coworkers if he's seeing anyone just so I won't get him in trouble In any way and they've told me no. They have no reason to lie to me.

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    • Yeah that makes sense! I've told him I wanted only friendship and nothing more. I told him I was over it. But I guess he's that scared for me to get feelings again.

    • He doesn't even know you then

  • Because he is an awkward man