I've just finished watching Another (it's an anime) and it really had me all sorts of messed up. Can anyone recommend some similar animes?

I've just finished watching Another(it's an anime) and it really had me all sorts of messed up. Can anyone recommend some similar animes?


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  • Try Berserk, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls, Higurashi, Deadman Wonderland, Ghost In A Shell, Black Lagoon, Code Geass, Welcome to the NHK. I always recommend Parasyte (it's a kind of horror supernatural anime, it's just not actually very scary, more kinda disturbing).

    • Those are just messed up anime by the way. If you like the supernatural kind of thing, a more up-lifting anime like that would be The Flower We Saw That Day.

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    • @FrenzyP0W3R Cool, thanks for the help. Btoom seemed like something I'd be into.


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  • High School of the dead, Blue Exorcist, Parasyte, Shiki, Corpse Party, Tokyo Ghoul, Ghost Hunt, Hell Girl, From The New World, K, and Durarara are some good ones

    • I loved Hell Girl's concept. I never checked out season 2 though. I'm waiting for the next cour of Durarara, super excited about it :) and Tokyo Ghoul needs to put out season 3 ASAP!!

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  • Tokyo Ghoul
    If you haven't watched it, it's really nice and the first episode got me into it instantly

    Another sure was creepy, that photo...

    • Tokyo Ghoul is fantastic. Do you know if there's any news for a 3rd season?

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    • It might be
      I forgot his name
      But I loved his character
      At least he accepted the half ghoul friend, and that's what makes me glad

    • Yeah Hide was really funny

  • This anime is the best in it's category, I don't think so you can find better one. I would recommend Elfen Lied, the last episode just killed me emotionally, it was that good.

    • I hear Elfen Lied is really good but the ending has been kinda spoiled for me. Would the anime still be worth watching even if I have an idea of how it ends?

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    • @FrenzyP0W3R Whats MAL?

    • @HoodieGuy It's a cool place where you can sort which anime you have watched, mark how many episodes you completed, give an anime score, write a review, plan which anime you want to watch, chat with people on forum or via PM etc. It's awesome if you watch a lot of anime and want to stay up to date with it, it's like notebook where you sort anime which you watched or want to watch but MAL is far more superior, I can't believe you didn't heard of it. --> http://myanimelist.net/

  • This Anime bored me to death.

    • I don't watch TV any more, well maybe I do it occasionally as I found some TV shows interesting besides this I'm into anime and it's freaking awesome ! TV is dead to me since I watch a lot of anime. Why don't you like it tho?

    • @FrenzyP0W3R I guess it's just the genre that doesn't interest me, i managed to watch like 4 episodes tough due to the amazing animation.

    • I was freaking bored at the beginning too but I gave it a shot and I don't regret watching it, it's the best one in it's genre also it's kinda similar to Final Destination series which I also like but beginning in Another was slow like a tripe with oil but LMFAO at the ending, soo much gore if you compare it with the beginning, you don't know what you missing man x) and yeah the animation is awesome too.