Can someone tell me what this could be?

Every night my mum goes outside and tonight see notices this normally there would be only one star around that place I think around that time. Could any one tell me what it could be.
My first thought was that it could have been Pluto because this morning it could be seen but with with a high powered telescope but only for 90 seconds so I've ruled that out. She said that not normally one that close to it. See didn't say with one was normally there. The bigger one was very bright too as you can see. I'm think it's a planet or a moon

Can someone tell me what this could be?

Found out that they are Venus and Jupiter


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  • Maybe it's Venus and Jupiter?

    I'm pretty jealous you have such clear weather to see so many cool things!

    • That's what I was thinking maybe a closer planet. Just having a check at the link now

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    • Yea I will, I think New Zealand is having a great time at the moment with plants and stars. This morning they saw Pluto which hasn't been seen since 2006 and not long ago we had the Southern Hemisphere lights (can't remember the fancy name for it ) sad I didn't get to see them

    • Very coolio!


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  • I saw something like that last night too.
    There are lots of stars out where I live but I noticed this one unusual one last night that I'm pretty sure I haven't seen and I didn't know what it was.

    Maybe it's a satellite or aliens or something.

    • My dad thinks it a satellite. But how could a satellite appear that quickly. Even if ones a satellite where did the other one come from. I'm in New Zealand so maybe it not just my piece of sky in world. Lol

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    • Really? Cool ;)

    • Yep I think they are staying for around maybe for a month until August

  • Could be Jupiter and Venus , they come into aliment , I think once every 80 years or so? should be in line with the moon
    I can see it clearly for here (Australia)


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  • Try checking the celestial events colander that might be going on in your area.