How do I get the lazy women im in charge of to work harder and do their job without being called up to Human Resources for sexism?

And forever labelled at work as a chauvinistic pig and hounded out of my job as their last boss was?


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  • People see paid to do a job. The job should have a job description and therefore, if an employee, male or female, is not doing the role as it is described, then performance manage them. Sit down and detail what you need them to do and set out a timescale with reviews etc for them to start improving. HR should be able to help with this and should support it

    • What this fella said, wouldn't hurt to issue formal improvement notices if deadlines are not met, with resulting diciplinaries if things dont pick up

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    • That might be the ticket cheers.

    • Your welcome. Hope it works out and these girls start earning their salary.


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  • Maybe motivate them instead of punish them?

    • How do you motivate someone to do the job they are paid for when they know all they have to do is pull the sexism card.

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    • I dont do the hiring

    • What you can do is call them into a meeting with yourself and someone from HR and give them a performance review.

  • Call them up for a meeting, express in a motivational way that work needs progress.

    • I have tried this and a few other things and nothing seems to work. The spend all day clucking away like chickens, talking about their boyfriends, babies, clothes etc and take two hour long lunch breaks, they take off sick four days religiously nearly every month, and often leave early during the day for "family emergencies" not really surprising that nothing gets done in the office. There are three men working amoung ten women so I can't really say anything as I would be accused of sexism by singling out the women. If I include the men they will be resentful as they do most of the work and are badly overloaded with what they do. Truth is I want to keep my job at least until I get moved on to another department I have applied for and that won't happen if targets and deadlines aren't met.

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    • Thats the problem. The last boss tried and he was taken to HR for sexism and was lucky to keep his job and get transfered.

    • Dam.
      Sorry I couldn't help.

  • Are you their boss? If not you should do nothing but worry about your own work.

    • Yes I am their boss. Why else would I worry about their work.

    • lots of people do. They manage everyones affairs but their own. If you are the boss, then I am surprised. You show a distinct lack of understanding of how to manage people. I would suggest reading "the one minute manager" it is a short and direct book.

  • Tell her if she does not work harder you are going to have to let her go. That easy...

    • Does work that way in the grown up world. Their are laws and procedures.

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    • Its a group of ten women. In my country there are laws that dont make easy to just fire people. The company could be taken up for unfair dismissal on the grounds of sexual discrimination.

    • Show the courts how she has not been working hard. I am sure they'll understand.

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  • Go to HR and explain you want some protection as you are going to embark on disciplining a staff member and they are going to scream sexism. Get loads of proof that they are not doing their work and company should back you.

  • Raise morale?

    • Their moral is fine they spend all day talking to each other missing deadlines and mixing up paperwork leaving others to pick up the slack. There are ten women and three men and most of the offices work is done by the men and myself. Honestly the stress is killing me.

    • So their morale is fine but they don't work... You know what? I have better things to do.