How to get over a guy?

- we go to the same class (one more year) which means we're good friends - we've hooked up a couple of times - I already liked him before and I really like him now for a long time and I just can't take the pain.. So,. do you have any idea how to stop having feelings for him?


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  • By distracting yourself by whatever means necessarily to get over him and that includes hanging out with your friends more often, joining a gym to meet new people and so forth. Only time will really get you over someone, but this helps

    • The problem is that we have a lot of mutual friends... Plus, even when I do get over him a bit, he messages me and feelings are back

    • You either have to avoid him, cut off your connections with him or something because yes constantly seeing him and constantly getting message from him will bring back feelings

    • I'm aware that I have to cut off all contacts with him but it's just not possible because like I said we have a lot of mutual friends which means we're in the same circle.. Which means whenever that group organize something (for example b-day parties, regular going out..) we'll see each other..


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  • What I would do is get an outside interest or sport which means joining a group to meet new people - Take your mind off him

    • Maybe that will help, thank you :)

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  • Tell yourself to get over him, it works for me.

    • Did that many times, nothing..