How would you go about disputing a medical bill that's already been paid off and NO ONE has?

Backstory: I went to the hospital twice in 2012. The second time was to the emergency room. Now, I'm assuming physicians treated me BOTH times and I was able to get my bill covered. The issue is that now years later when I'm trying to build credit and get a credit card, I'm rejected because of this bill that I didn't know I had. It's 500 and something dollars for a physician's bill.

I call the collector's agency to confirm and then start calling everywhere else to confirm if anyone has the bill. The funny thing is, I wasn't SENT any documentation of not having paid the bill. And this collection agency sent the "bill" to one of the 3 credit bureaus which is hurting my score. On top of that, NO ONE has a record of this bill even existing. I'm not in their systems and these people keep records of EVERYONE that has passed through.

So now I have to find out how to get this stain off of my credit which wasn't supposed to exist and how to deal with this collection agency. I was looking online and it said that I would have to request written validation that the bill exists and how much I owe from them. I'm doing that tomorrow.

What else would I have to do?

Also, I wouldn't mind paying the bill... if it was actually a bill that I hadn't paid. The issue is that this bill was covered (or I assumed so) and if it hadn't been, I didn't receive any notification of it not being covered. Yet I have called the Hospital that I stayed and I'm being told that I don't owe them anything.


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  • Can you contact the credit companies and dispute it with them?

    • The Credit Bureau? It's only been reported to one and I was thinking of doing that. The issue is that if these people have legit documentation, I want to see it before I do that.

    • No one has the bill and only one of the three is reporting it. I'd say it's an error after the work you've put in.


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  • I'd sue the crap out of them


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