Did you Join in on Facebook's pro Gay "Marriage" Photo Rainbow Data Mining Experiment?

According to the data from the experiment so far over a million people changed their facebook profile picture with the rainbow filter in support of gay "marriage".

It was used as a psychological tool for testing and collecting data on users that would be influenced by movements from others. There is further data collection servers focused on seeing how long it will also take the users to later remove the filter too according to MIT network scientist Cesar Hidalgo.

Did you Join in on Facebook's pro Gay

The red line in this Facebook graph shows how actions that deemed risky spread differently online. In cases like the marriage equality meme that took place in 2013, more people are likely to take part, the more friends they have, as shown by the number of exposures in this graphic

Pictured is the spread of membership in LGBT Facebook Groups across the US. By setting up its own tool to let people filter their profile picture, the concern is that Facebook is able to get an unprecedented insight into how to influence people's views, such as their support for same-sex marriage.

The conducted survey was able to operate by bypassing consumer data privacy violations through the above method and able to conclude that people were largely followers of whatever their friends and mainstream social media presented

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  • I am going to say something that many of you are going to disagree on. I think homosexuality is wrong. I'll tell you why. No not because of religion, I'm an atheist. So before you jump and point the most favorite word these days, biggot, at me... hear me out.

    Homosexuals claim it wasn't a choice, correct? Let's agree and say it was not their choice and they were born this way.

    We, as human beings, have evolved over thousands of years. And we were built to hunt and kill one another, to steal each other's food to survive. Do we act on impulse, kill our neighbor because we were born this way? Do we steal and say we were born this way? No, we don't. And those who do are punished. Why? Because it's wrong. If we were born to rape, do we act on impulse and rape? No, we don't. It is wrong. Pedophiles are claiming that they are drawn sexually to children and that it too wasn't their choice (and let's say they are right and it's a mental disorder), do we let them have what they want because it too wasn't their choice? No, it's wrong. Should a person have sex with an animal because they're drawn to it and they can't help themselves? No, it's wrong. It's called... Self control.

    Most STDs come from anal sex, because it's wrong (whether with a man or a woman). That's mother nature saying "Nope.". Aren't we thriving to find cures for diseases and prevent from spreading them? Yes, it wasn't their choice they are drawn to men. But they -chose- to act upon their desire. The same way some people choose to smoke. But we see so much advertisement against smoking even though smokers have an actual addiction to nicotine and really can't help themselves to leaving. Still, we do not promote smoking.

    The bar has sunk so low. Soon, we will see more activists of people like pedophiles or necrophiles who will use the same arguments homosexuals have used "it wasn't their choice" to legalize their perverted desires. Thanks to the media, we became very used to seeing homosexuals on TV, like in modern family, that we become very tolerant and accepting of the idea. Yes, we were softened up over the years and we finally accepted it. Pedophiles will use the same tactic. We already see it in shows like family guy in a funny way with that old man and chris. It seems every one has forgotten the meaning of self control.

    In short, we -all- have desires. Some are born with desires that are wrong. Luckily, our brains have evolved enough to make us identify right from wrong.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Great answer. I agree with everything here, you highlighted many of the often overlooked points. One thing that irritates me however is that any debate on gay marriage is a lack of debate.

      Its a mainstream media narrative that gay marriage should be a right. Any person that disagrees is condemned and attacked. The irony is its claimed to be about equality but one side has to give

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    • since you seem to be the only one that has selflessly read the question. i have a feeling most people skipped over the second link that is external. but it points out how the media narrative has been responsible for entirely shifting mainstream opinion on the topic. from 2008 when it wasn't within the public sphere and branded as "equality" to 2012 when the shift happened.

      did you notice how easily people get brainwashed to follow whatever the media narrative is

    • I agree with this.


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  • People are all worried about evil robot overlords taking over the world by FB is a way bigger problem. Seriously this is why I never look at my feed. But I do support the LGBTQ movement.

  • I support and even went to the parade, I just don't like trends. Would rather paint a gay themed painting haha

  • I didn't do it because I didn't have an opinion in gay marriage... and I still don't. I simply don't care.
    If you're gay and want to be married, it's your battle.
    As a heterosexual, I'm not going to fight for your rights. If you want marriage. Get it. I'm not stopping you. I'm just neutral.

    The only rights I'd fight for are the rights of those who can't speak for themselves.


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  • I don't care what the gays do as long as it isn't hurting any body; they should have every right straight people have. That beeing said, I did not use the rainbow filter. Not only do I not know how, I also don't "support" the movement. I am a firm believer in Christ and I disagree with homosexuals, but I also believe in equality. They can have marriage, as they deserve, but they cannot have my support. Sorry

  • I saw it but didn't realise what it was - If I had known what it was I would have got it

  • i agree wid this movement, but i didn't join coz i'm not fb-junkie

  • I agree, but didn't join, because... I have an aversion to slacktivism. I respect people who work and fight for good causes. But changing your pic... come on!

  • I try not to jump on bandwagons.

  • Nope! I didn't agree with it!

  • I don't care what others want to insert inside their assholes.