What would you if you woke up and found yourself as a soldier in WWI?

(You choose who you fight fir.)


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  • Depending on what I was, I might think it was neat for a bit, like if I was a pilot or something. But then, I'd remember just how dangerous it was and get pretty scared in a hurry.

    Honestly I'd probably want to find a change of civilian clothes and slip away as soon as possible, and try to find a way to get back to my own time.

  • Fight for family, nobody else

    • That's not how war works, bro lol

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    • Yeah, you sound like a black guy who says he'd walk up to the slave master back in the day and tell him to suck his dick

    • I don't think you fully have a grasp of the situation you're talking about lol

  • I would climb into a panzer iv tank, aim it on the window of the fuhrers house and attempt to hit the fuhrer while he is still sleeping in his bedchamber. Afterwards i´d take the punishment, knowing that i was able to save milions of lives, beliving that i would be remembered in the future as the guy who changed the fate and made life better for everyone who would still be alive inside the camps.


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  • I don't want to kill anybody and I don't want to fight for any stupid political ideology. So I'll kill myself.

    "All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers" Fenelon.

    • Yeah, helping to free thousands of Jews who are being murdered by the Nazis is just some stupid political ideology

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    • I got excited when I saw 19 notifications. Turns out 14 are comments...

    • @BlueCoyote Are we know all details about all wars? Not just only WWI and WWII, cold war, vietnam, yugoslavia, korean etc. Some of them still remain in darkness :/

  • I would take my gun, stick it in Hitler's butt, and fire!