Do girl usually make out with the guy they sleep with?

I had sex with this girl I know from school. She started making out with me first. she didn't go straight to sex. Is this normal or does this mean she likes me?

  • Yes. That's what usually happens.
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  • No. This usually doesn't happen.
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What Girls Said 1

  • sorry to burst your bubble but it means nothing. women simply love to make out hahah


What Guys Said 2

  • in 98% of cases, if the woman wasn't a paid sex worker... yes she probably kissed him with tongue. ;-)

  • Most girls don't go straight for sex. Then they are "easy" and most don't want to be known as easy. Impossible to tell if she "likes you" baesd on your short question.

    • no we dosing go straight to sex bc we like to build yup. i dont think he's referring to dating. i think he means in the same session. and there's no difference between making ouster and fucking and just fucking, both would be considered 'easy' if you're a girl. making out just makes it hotter.

      look around. women are having sex lots of it. we like sex. were not apologizing,. easy isn't our term. it was made up by people who dont want us enjoying sex with whoever we want. .