Who is aware the TPP past both congress and senate? And as a nation the US has lost it's sovereignty. So why celebrate the 4th of July?

That's right other countries and mainly corperations will now dictate our laws and what we do as a nation not our not our own anymore. This is what the current POTUS has accomplished not to mention all the racial pandemonium. So why celebrate the 4th of July when the 4th longer stands for anything?

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  • Yeah, the TPP sounds pretty sketchy. The elite rich have always ruled the world, no matter whose flag is flying, though.

    • You nailed that good.


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  • ~*~*~*~Canada~*~*~*~

    • Coincidentally Canada its sovereignty will be affected too hints the north American Union.

  • It's a celebration of our independence. Why does anything you said matter? We're FREE! Isn't that enough for you?

    • I don't think you really understand what the TPP is. The TPP gave away our sovereignty and that enslaves us to the laws of other countries corporations is what the TPP does.

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    • I'm by definition 100% correct and there is nothing here to reason with.

    • By definition? Whatever. Have fun with that.

  • i thought the corporations already ran things in the us?

    • You're right they do and have done so. Only now through the TPP they have given away our nations sovereignty and without our input or approval. In other words we are no longer independent.

    • we weren't anyways, now it's official

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  • I'm not celebrating and am cutting ties with Liberal friends that probably will be even though they helped steer this country off a cliff.

    • The leftist drove us off the cliff I couldn't agree more. I hope they enjoy the mess they made because in the end they will sleep in the bed they made they have no place to go.

  • Oy vey, goy! Surely by "other countries" you don't mean da' golden state uh Israel, do you?

    As an American it's your job to protect, serve and love us, for we are G-d's chosen! Be sure to racemix and accept further legislation on your legally owned firearms, though please don't demand it in glorious Israel, we uh... We're closed, right now.

    Rememba' da six trillion!

    • You're wrong it's not Israel but you're very close. It's the monarchy. Haven't you heard our tax payers will soon be paying money to the queen as if they weren't already?

  • I'm celebrating people people are doing it

  • After you become truly self aware, all holidays lose their meaning.

  • Why the race comment? You a racist or something?

    • Other people can't see what's going on for you that's something you have to do. Open your eyes.

  • Our country already lost its sovereignty in 1913 when the Federal Reserve (aka international banking families... Rothschild... etc) was created. Numerous people who have sought to curb the power of the Fed (or even just hold it accountable through audits) have met untimely ends.

    • I mean, seriously... they have the SOLE power to print U. S. currency, which they LOAN to us with INTEREST. They aren't even a part of the U. S. government, and their "Federal Reserve Notes" have NO backing. It's literally just a piece of paper that only has value because they tell us so.

    • I'm more confused than ever... so Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and possibly Hilary Clinton are against the TPP... but Obama is for it?

      Mind blown.

    • You're right about 1913 or 12 technically when it begin anyway. But the TPP adds even further assault to the current.