If there was a movie like Magic Mike for men?

So Magic Mike 2 opned up and I couldn't help
noticed how women act like pervs when anyone
mentions this movie, but accuse guys of being
pigs? Now if they made a male version for
us guys, do you think it would be pullied
for being to sexual and justifyng women?
Most feminists would see it has degrading
women but yet don't see nothing wrong with
seeing a bunch of guys stripping. Sure you
can say well they made Strip tease and
Show Girls but there was never a part 2
to any of them.


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  • Male sexuality is vilified, bro. You shoulda' learnt this by now.


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  • I am pretty sure there are all ready a million movies with female exotic dancers (may not be about that specifically, but strip clubs or just clubs with female dancers are very prevalent in movies) . You probably just don't notice it because it is more normal in our society. Thank god they made a movie to sexually objectify men. And also these days I am pretty sure the sequels are only made simply for money based off of how well the first one did. Which is why there are so many shitty movies out.

    • I'm not talking about porno's but regular movies you see in the theater.

    • yes so am i. I mean like even movies i watched as a kid had female dancers (ie the mask, maybe night at the roxburry) i can't think of anyelse right now (mostly cuz i have watched an actual movie in years haha), but as a child i just remember thinking that it was normal for girls to wear either a tight short dress or bra and undies to dance on a pole. I don't remember anything too vulgar, just girls dancing on poles in many movies i saw as a child. and even if they weren't strip clubs or exotic dancers girls are almost always a sexual object in any movie geared torwards a man. can't us girls just have this one? without you men complaining about a double standard?

    • How is this a double standard? Don't get me started on double standards,

  • Actually, there was a Showgirls 2. J. S. Lol. Regardless, there have always been movies like that for men. I have been subjected to watch many naked and half-naked women all over many television shows/movies. Now women have a couple and men think it's unfair? Men have movies, porn, strip clubs, gentlemen clibs, etc in great abundance.

    • It must of been a bad movie since I never heard of it? OK I'll give you that
      but its not the guys fault a lot of women dress slutty? Women are paid more
      in porno's men can't grab or touch female strippers unless he wants a bouncer
      to throw him out.

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    • Never seen it

  • Gawd that movie (atleast the first one) was so stupid xD. I mean, if women have a movie they can gawk at men should too but women generally are sexualized in movies. I dont know any specific movies like Magic Mike for men but im sure theyre are some out there.

    • Very surprised to hear you didn't like it.

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    • But most girls come off has hypocrites when it comes to weight.

    • Then theyre assholes, you just need to find someone who likes you for you, if a woman is 250 but looks down on a man who is 245 then she's stupid and mean.

  • Have you ever watched Player's Club?

    • No but I'm not into those movies, more into horror, comedies etc.

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  • So like what? Magic Merissa lol

  • Haven't seen it but "The Full Monty" still king of the male stripping movies

  • That's a good script right there; you should direct that man