I shot an intruder last month. Who else is willing to defend their family and homes from the scumbags out there?

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  • Its worse when the scumbag is in your immediate family

    • Not sure what u mean. But ok

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    • Im sorry to hear that. Sounds like your mom is a brave woman

    • Its in the past now, but thank you. And thank you for saying that, im getting to the age where i fight with my mom about stupid things and i really need to realize how amazing she is and appreciate her more.


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  • Tough one - Yes I probably would but I would prefer to disable them first if I could - Also I am not a big fan of having guns around - You will counter with the what if scenario but I live in Ireland which is generally a no gun culture - 99% of all break ins would be committed by unarmed thieves.

    • What about that poor farmer that got sent to prision because he shot two travellers who kept robbing and assualting him, what are the guards response time? Not good to none existent

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    • Don't know country music that well but should be a good night for fans

    • Well goodluck bosco

  • You honestly almost have to if not they could kill you. Or are intending to.

  • I defend my family. Someone tries to rob, stab, shoot, etc. I'm gonna take care of it.

  • I'm willing to defend but I don't need a gun to do it

    • No matter how tough you are there's always someone bigger and badder

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    • Go back to staring at goats mon ami

    • I knew it! We can recognize our own kind.

      You didn't mention that film and then decide to say what I did a couple of comments ago in french for no reason.
      We just made our subconscious connection. Except I was consciously doing it.
      There's something to this. Tell me more about yourself. Just say the first thing that come to your mind. Just write it

  • There is a major difference between "protecting your family" and "shooting someone".

  • Of course i defend my family but without a gun

    • How will you do that against multiple attackers?

    • Don't know but i would everything to keep my family save

    • If it happens to you like it did with me I hope everything your willing to do to kerp your family safe is enough. I wasn't willing to get into a fist fight with my intruder in case he bested me and was able to get at my wife and kids, I would never take the chance. Turns out I was right my intruder was a felon with a laundry list of offences on of them being rape.