Is there something wrong with my short and long term memory? Any one else get this?

So, I don't believe in destiny or any pre determined future or anything... however it often feels like things have happened before like something I see or something someone says or does or even entire events feel like I've heard about it or experienced it before but not 'lived' through it... like I've had a dream I can't or couldn't remember until it has taken place in my actual life.

I've heard of people saying this happens on the odd occassionally when something meant for short term memory goes to long term... but this happens ALL the time to me. What's wrong with me?


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  • That's normal and very common. It is a memory error known as "Deja Vu".

    • My question is more about whether there could be something wrong if these 'memory errors' occur so often... is that a thing? or..

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    • Comes with Horse riding unfortunately...

    • Go see a neurologist.


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  • I see from some of your answers you have had concussions - If there is any doubt get it checked especially head injuries but most likely it is a quite normal thing


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  • Déjà vu and presque vu are common psychological events and do not usually mean anything is wrong. If you are very concerned, you can seek the advice of a psychologist and a neurologist.

  • yes, all the time for me