I think i'm addicted to pills?

I take concerta very often (its strong medication for if you have ADHD, stronger than ritalin), my brother used to take them because he has ADHD but doesn't take them anymore. But we still have them and mom still buys them. She doesn't know i use them. I don't know they just make my head empty and give me energy. I can't sleep because of them but thats fine. The pills work all day and make me so calm. I know its bad but i dont know what to do..


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  • Never ever self prescribe - Tell the doctor how you are feeling


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  • If you want to stop you need to ween off because the withdraws from amphetamines can make you angry and on edge. I was addicted to the generic amphetamine salts I was prescribed for two years, lost so much weight. It was bad. I know they help but lots of cons. Definitely try to seek a natural alternative. That way you'll have no side effects and feel much better.