Should I cancel plans if I'm sick or suck it up?

I started feeling sick last night and still feel crappy. It's a dry cough, sneezing, watering eyes, I'm generally sore, and the occasional stuffy nose. These sypmtoms hit after my shower and I don't know if it allergies, a cold, or the 24 hour flu. I had plans to go out and I hate cancelling last second but know going out and staying up late and drinking is a bad idea.

I feel bad cancelling but I did lol now my girlfriend will come her and want to take care of me lol. I feel so bad cause I want her to go out but oh well.


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  • Don't go! You'll get everyone else sick too

    • Well I don't want my girlfriend to skip as well cause she won't go without me. If i don't go she will just spend the night with my tired ass which makes me a buzz kill.


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  • You will soon get better then you can go out again

  • Yeah cancel the plan; you don't want to pass it on and what not

    • True but my girlfriend won't go without me and I don't want to ruin her night. I told her to go without me but she doesn't want to so I'm a buzz kill for mkre than myself.